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Up-Cycling Tips/Ideas To Try Out In The New Year 2017

A little bit of DIY works great from time to time. Take on smaller and simple projects, it will be fun and will help put own creativity over the house. However the skills and experience required will be needed because the lack of it will do more harm than good to your home. If you are keen on looking at some up cycling ideas this year, following are six different ones to try out. Explore these and find out your favorite one.

  1. Hanging Whisk Light Holders
Hanging Whisk Light Holders
Picture Courtesy: firefly-collection.com

This really looks amazing and it couldn’t get simpler to achieve. Simply purchase few metal whisks, hang them from the ceiling and place tea lights into them for really fun and creative candle holder. For fire risks, use battery induced tea lights.

2. Tennis Racket Mirrors for Vintage Look

Tennis Racket Mirrors for Vintage Look
Picture Courtesy: notonthehighstreet.com

This is also an easy option to make and looks good when hung on the wall. If you are searching for an easy DIY to sink your teeth into, give this one a must try. Involve kids in this.

3. Sweater Lampshade

Sweater Lampshade
Picture Courtesy: www.kucastil.rs

Reusing old sweaters and clothes couldn’t get easier with this idea of making a lampshade. All that needs to be done is covering your lampshade with a sweater, just pull it down over the shade and then trim it so that it fits the size. Use hot glue across the edges for keeping it in place and your job is done.

4. A Piano Bookcase

Piano Bookcase
Picture Courtesy: cwbarchitects.com

Now, this one requires some planning than other ideas but you would love the impact of what would come out as. Get an old piano –a big one from OLX would help getting a good deal. Take off its top and bottom and hang it on the wall and place books inside and use it as an awesome bookcase.

5. Bathtub Couch

Bathtub Couch
Picture Courtesy: instructables.com

This bathtub couch idea is not new. Chop it in half and it will be fun in which you can try your sewing skills. For cutting, use a regular grinder with thin cutting wheels instead of circular saw. Insert cushion and relax into it.

6. Window Coffee Table

Window Coffee Table
Picture Courtesy: www.cadomodern.com

This DIY idea will be loved by those who like the shabby chic style wherein an old window is needed, then required to turn into a box and add legs. After doing this, you get a coffee table as incredible as people to get jealous. Watch them as they pinch the idea for themselves.

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