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Top Honey Uses we Bet you Don’t Know

Honey is considered one of the best remedy when you have got a sore throat or a cough. It is generally used as a sweetener. Made up of around 70-80% sugar, the rest consist of water, minerals, and protein. For allergies also, it works best. But surprisingly we have bought you uses that are far more serious than above ones.

Honey Uses

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  1. Burns

Honey is used in healing burns and it also prevents infections. The healing time is also reduced by honey. It makes the wounds antiseptic in a very less time thus starts the healing process and don’t leave scars as compared to other treatment.

  1. Aids in Memory

Aids in Memory

Picture Courtesy: deborahmurtagh.com

Honey can aid in memory gain both short and long term, especially for women during post menopause phase. According to a study, these women were given honey treatments for certain weeks after their menopause and improvements were seen in the memory immediately when compared to hormone therapy of progestin and estrogen.

  1. Herpes

It is a tropical treatment both for oral and genital herpes. The lesions of herpes can be healed quickly as ointments that can be found at the pharmacy and is even better for curing itchiness.

  1. Diabetes

Honey displays lower glycemic index than sugar which means sugar levels cannot be spiked by it. It spurs you to use fewer sweeteners in foods as it has got a sweeter taste than sugar. For keeping blood sugar level on track, honey is a better option than sugar.


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  1. Cancer

It has many antioxidant properties which help to prevent cancer. It affects renal cells carcinoma which is a type of kidney cancer. The researchers say that it also prevents cancer cells from multiplying.

  1. Hemorrhoids

Honey can be the home remedy for hemorrhoids which cause itch and pain in the anus area and also blood in the stool. A blend of honey, olive oil and beeswax can be the treatment for this.

  1. Ulcers and Wounds
    Honey is being used to cure wounds of centuries. It has antiseptic properties and promotes faster healing, thereby reducing pain, odor and wound size. Long term ulcers and after surgery scars from burns can be treated as well.
  2. Fertility

It boosts fertility both in men and women, but here the theory is mixed. So, more research needs to be done.

  1. Psoriasis

It’s a skin disease which causes redness, itching, blisters, and lesions. Treated with cream which consists of corticosteroids and Vitamin D, but honey can be more effective. Again Mix honey with olive oil and beeswax and you will experience a reduction in redness and itching.

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