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Top 6 Exercises to do when you’re Office Bound

Most of spend our days sitting eight hours at the desk in the office, five to six days a week. This leaves little time for us to keep going active throughout the day. When talked about this from a personal trainer, he gave us tips for office-friendly exercises which anyone can easily do during the day or in lunch break. This requires no special equipment and making time for engaging these activities into the office routine will help anyone to correct their poor postures, reduce cramping and maintain overall fitness.

Following are some exercises to keep you moving, especially if you are deskbound.

  1. Squats

Each time to stand up for anything like getting water or walking to the printer, do ten squats. Extend your hands out in front of you for the balance. Stand straight and then lower your hips pushing it outwards and bent just above the chair surface before coming back up.

Picture Courtesy: cdn.thedailybeast.com
  1. Calf raises

Whenever walking around or using the staircases in the office, get on your tiptoes, lifting your heels off the ground. Regular doing this exercise of contracting and extending your calf muscles will aid in strengthening them.

  1. Move your knees

3-Move your knees

Picture Courtesy: rachelbrathen.com

While you are sitting on your desk, slowly bring your knees above, up to your chest and don’t forget to feel the pressure on your core. This will focus on your lower abs and would help taking that extra flab off your stomach. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

  1. Russian twists while sitting

4-Russian twists while sitting

Picture Courtesy: greatist.com

Move forward towards the edge of the chair and adjust yourself, while sitting, twist your body around the either side of the chair. Through this rotation, your obliques will get working and your back muscles will be strengthened.

  1. Desk dips for triceps

5-Desk dips for triceps

Picture Courtesy: www.expertrain.com

To do this, first get your back towards the desk, facing away in the opposite direction. Place your palms on the edge of the table and bend them while going down towards the ground. Straighten your arms as you come back up. This will help in toning of the stubborn arms muscles while strengthening it, so you get rid of those dreaded bingo wings.

  1. Knee raises

6-Knee raises

Picture Courtesy: shechive.files.wordpress.com

While sitting on your chair, lift your knees up and hold them in front of you for a little while. Ensure engaging your muscles of stomach so that your legs don’t start paining.

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