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Top 5 Reasons behind Dreams and what they Mean

Everyone knows plenty about sleeps and what dreams are. But scientists have explained what we experience in dreams while sleeping and what they actually mean. There are however lots of theories which take a dig at what it can be and are explained below in detail:-

  1. Dreams are like Therapy
Picture Courtesy: naturalhealthcourses.com

You often dream about things which are actually happening into your life, be it an emotional situation or any other one. This allows you to deal with the condition in a safe and secured environment. The brain makes connections which you otherwise would not make and thus help you look at the situation from a different & better perspective which helps one understand oneself in a different light.

2. Dreams let you Deal with Threats

Dreams let you Deal with Threats
Picture Courtesy: assets.rbl.ms

More often you find yourself waking up from a dream drenched in sweat, don’t worry you are not the only one. Dreams with being chased and fighting are most common with a good reason behind it. Our amygdalae (responsible for decision making and emotional reactions), works at rapid pace while we are dreaming than during woken up hours. This is the reason despite our limbs being still we experience fight or flight responses.

3. Allows you to Pursue a Skill

Pursue a Skill

Picture Courtesy: youtube.com

If you are stressing over a condition for instance  a review at your workplace, a piano recital or simply a conversation that you don’t want to face, your dreams give you a chance to practice for major life events which requires extra concentration.

4. You get Creative

get Creative on your Dream
Picture Courtesy: yuumeiart.com

You might have heard of musicians giving credit to their dreams for writing particular songs or sportsmen referring to their dreams doing certain moves. Dreams sometimes help you think in creative and more imaginative ways. Writing them down is also a good idea to get innovative thoughts.

5. Let your Brain Function Systematically

Picture Courtesy: www.livescience.com

Through dreaming, brain activities and memories gets shuffled, important connections which the brain has made are kept and useless ones are get rid of. Your brain, while dreaming revaluates what information is relevant and what all are not and take the useless ones out.

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