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Emotionally Intelligent People Practices

Principles which Emotionally Intelligent People Practices

Have you ever wondered how much EQ effects on your personal and professional success? It’s a powerful means to drive your energy towards a direction. It impacts on how we behave, make personal decisions and manage complexities. Certain habits have identified of the high EQ people which sets them apart. They are:-

1. They Remain Constantly Positive

Emotionally Intelligent People are Constantly Positive
Picture Courtesy: www.incimages.com

They don’t get caught up in things which they can’t control rather they direct their energy, attention & effort on something which is within their power. Optimists remain psychologically and physically healthier than pessimists. So do not let a negative thought drain you up next time.

2. Strong Emotional Vocabulary

Emotionally Intelligent People have Strong Emotional Vocabulary
Picture Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

Very few people identify the emotions which occur to them and often they go misunderstood leading to irrational choices. People with high EQ master their emotions and make extensive use of vocabulary as they do it. They specify their feelings and better understand what caused it and what must be done about it.

3. Assertive

Emotionally Intelligent People are very assertive
Picture Courtesy: stlpolished.com

People with high EQ’s practice empathy, kindness and establish boundaries for themselves. This is ideal for handling conflict. Most people when low, display aggressive behavior while emotionally intelligent ones remain balanced and assertive by steering themselves away from emotional reactions which enables them to neutralize the toxic people without building enemies.

4. They Forgive But Not Forget

Emotionally Intelligent People Forgive But Not Forget
Picture Courtesy: fastcompany.com

They forgive in order to prevent grudges because they know that the negative emotions are a stress response but they never forget. Holding on can affect health. However, forgiving doesn’t mean they are giving another chance. They quickly let things go and protect themselves from future harm.

5. Don’t Depend Anyone For Joy

Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Depend Anyone For Joy
Picture Courtesy: www.quora.com

When your sense of pleasure comes from comparing yourself with others, then your happiness depends on other people. Emotionally intelligent people in this matter after achieving something do not let anyone opinions take it away from them. Their self value comes from within.

6. Make things Fun

Emotionally Intelligent People Make things Fun
Picture Courtesy: www.linkedin.com

They know what makes them happy and constantly try to bring it in everything they do. They turn monotonous work into games and go extra mile making people happy, whom they care about.  They know that injecting fun into the life relieves stress.

7. Difficult to Offend & kill Negative talk

Emotionally Intelligent kill Negative talk
Picture Courtesy: huffpost.com

It becomes difficult for someone to say or do something if you know what you are. Self confident and open mindedness builds a thick layer. Do not ruminate over negative self talks because they are only thoughts and not facts. Writing them down will help taking it out and once it is done, you get clear headed.

EQ is highly malleable. Train you brain to practice these behaviors and it will make them habit. Not long and you will start responding to your surroundings with emotional intelligence without thinking about it.

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