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7 Earth Size Exo-Planets Revealed by NASA

New Batch of 7 Earth Size Exo-Planets Revealed by NASA

Astronomers have discovered not 1, not 2 but 7 Earth size and Earth like planets revolving around a star named TRAPPIST-1.

While the three of them are habitable which means a place where water exists on the surface of rocky planets as it’s not too hot or too cold. Although water can exist at each of the seven, as said by NASA, the odds favor those 3 the best. This is a record breaking discovery ever been about the solar system according to space agency.

Video Source: www.nasa.gov

This revelation gives us a clue that finding another earth is a matter of when and not if. It’s a big leap towards questions like is there any life apart from Earth? It is very promising of the quest of life beyond the solar system. This is the first time scientists have found so many earth sized planets orbiting the sun.

Since all of them circling a star which is 40 light years away approximately, fairly in close proximity with each other, the view from one would disclose other planets to look as big as the way we see the moon from earth. If you are standing on the surface of one of the planets, they would be much more than just dots of light in the sky, as other planets are visible to us like Venus, from Earth.

7 Earth Size Exo-Planets Revealed by NASA

Picture Courtesy: huffpost.com

The three planets found in the Habitable also known as Goldilock’s zone are called TRAPPIST-1e, f and g where “e” exoplanet is about the same size as of Earth’s & gets same start light as earth do. Scientists are aware about thousands of exoplanets beyond our solar system which on Wednesday, the 22nd, stood 3,449. Out of those, only few match the criteria of being possible earth.

  The discovery was made using the Spitzer Space Telescope which is one of the crucial instruments while searching for other planets. Another one is Kepler Space which has 2,331 confirmed exoplanets discoveries recorded with it. The technique used is transit method which involves looking for a star to dim its light when a planet is passing through in front of the distant sun. Around 74 exoplanets have unveiled using this method, according to NASA.

Video Source: www.nasa.gov

The revelations of exoplanets are continuous. Earlier in February this year, astronomers said that they have proof of 114 new ones. One of the newly discovered planets that have gathered attention is a hot, rocky “super earth” called Gliese 411b.

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