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Most Adventurous Destinations to Visit while you are still Single

Travelling never gets old; it keeps you young at heart. So there is no particular period to visit any place in the world. Some of them are challenging for most to go out and give it a try to visit them and celebrate the single life at a different track. Following are the places you must visit once until you are single:-

  1. Bali, Indonesia

1- Bali, Indonesia

Picture Courtesy: emaze.com

There’s no sibling anywhere of Bali to compete with its serenity. It is preferred for the honeymoon and family vacation destination and paradise for the adventure lovers. The beaches spread like smooth carpets and spas are there to relax you. Experience the beauty of this place.

  1. Australia

2- Australia

Picture Courtesy: cdn.concreteplayground.com

From coral reefs to the opera house, Australia is diverse in its own way, incomparable & alluring. It has dense rainforest and traditions kept alive. The Great Barrier Reef, Bondi beach, Blue Mountains national park, Fraser Island are certain options for the solo travelers.

  1. Belgium

3- Belgium

Picture Courtesy: maximumwallhd.com

People at Belgium are happy people who preserve their native well with the contact mix of tradition and modern perceptions. The architecture is beautiful here. The castles and gorging on local cuisines especially waffles will make you gnaw and ask for more.

  1. Sikkim, India

4- Sikkim, India- valleys and cascades

Picture Courtesy: unexplored.lonelyplanet.in

A small region in the bewitching beauty of the Himalayas with several Buddhist monasteries going hand in hand with Hindu Temples is Sikkim. Trek the uneven peaks covered with snow and interact with locals which welcome you with warm smiles. Experience the spicy taste of the delicacies here along with valleys and cascades.

  1. Miami, Florida

5- Miami, Florida

Picture Courtesy: elchorrito.es

The carefree lifestyle of Miami captures the heart of every single out there. The city holds a posh feeling around it but the budgeted beach restaurants and resorts build a connection between the visitors too.

  1. Prague

6- Prague

Picture Courtesy: www.protrav.ru

Walk past the history of the country that is beautifully captured on the walls of its buildings and houses; be aimless when you are here. Prague brews world’s best beer. Except for the famous ale, it is also a keeper of epoch-making art galleries.

  1. Leh Ladakh, India

7- Leh Ladakh, India

Picture Courtesy: www.lookwhoistalking.in

Young and adventurous, vibrant hearts which celebrates their life without external concerns, would find happiness in Leh Ladakh. This is the most happening destination in India where there can be seen continuous rubbing of bike rides on the rugged valleys. The wind here floats through densely arranged oak forests.

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