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Love Biryani? Now Savor this Heritage Biryani in UAE

India Palace restaurant in UAE is now serving special Biryani-e-Khaas menu over all its outlets.

In Dubai, Khaas means special Urdu language and this Biryani-e- Khaas limited edition menu is exactly what the India Palace Restaurant boasts and offering as it celebrates various flavors of biryani from India and its neighboring nations.

The menu embarks the authentic heritage varieties of biryani originated from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, each one loaded with rich spices and flavor profile. Foodies can take as a sample of four different amazing biryanis with a special dessert to go with each one of them which is the part of the offering. The menu will be available at the end of this month at each outlet of India Palace across UAE.

Here we are providing the glimpse of what it would look like:-

Noor Mahal Biryani

Noor Mahal Biryani

Picture Courtesy: i.ytimg.com

This dish is named after the Palace Noor Mahal, which earlier was the princely estate of the royal family of Bahawalpur (currently in Punjab, Pakistan). This is a royal dish made out of stuffed chicken made balls known as koftas tossed in a special sauce and arranged like gems in jewelry. The price of this dish is Dh40.

Murgh Coorgi Biryani

2-Murgh Coorgi Biryani

Picture Courtesy: i.ytimg.com

This is made through Coorgi cuisine recipe which originates from Kodagu (in Coorg) in the Karnataka state of India. The dish is flavored with black peppercorns, coconut, fennel seeds, curry leaves and grounded whole spices. This dish is priced at Dh 40.

Bohri Chaamp Biryani

3-Bohri Chaamp Biryani

Picture Courtesy: 3indubai.com

This dish is the delight for meat lovers and it’s the specialty dish of a Gujrat community in India. The dish is cooked with aromas over a slow fire having mutton chops marinated for the entire day in green chillies and Bohri’s spices. It is priced at Dh45.

Subz Qabuli Pulao

4-Subz Qabuli Pulao

Picture Courtesy: emiguide.me

This is a vegetarian dish and is an ethereal blend of rice and sweet warm spices slowly cooked in chana dal garnished with caramelized fruits and vegetables. It is also popularly known as the national dish of Afghanistan.

India Palace restaurant is home grown and award-winning brand of SFC group. It is a brand which reflects the traditional and cultural heritage of India resplendent by the royalty, diversity, and richness of the flavors found and used over the country. Biryani-e-khaas is the expansion of its commitment towards introducing the flavors to the UAE residents.

The selection of the type of biryani to be included in the menu take months of research with each dish displaying the diversity of its region on the basis of spices and type of meat and rice used.

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