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Establish a Blend of Classic and Modern Look Designs in Kitchen and Other Rooms

For kitchen designs, there are very few options as being noted over several furniture designs. For instance, SMEG refrigerator in retro style and old farmhouse sinks fit in this category of design options.  They have been considered stylish and most sought after for past some decade and it’s quite likely that they will still be popular in coming year.

Classic and Modern Look Designs in Kitchen
Picture Courtesy: Mlsentryonly.com

Through blending classic mixes which goes with test of time and also use influences from various eras mixed with latest designs of bathroom & kitchen preferences. These rooms are most likely to become outdated. You can create a space using design which you will love in the present as well for 10 years to come.

Vintage styled appliances design establishes a classic feel. Fresh and open shelves, plants hanging out on the hood of the range give it a modern day look.  According to a known interior designer, blending different eras is all about guts. Take kitchen for an example, having a vintage French cabinet with copper pans provides old world charm with other modern appliances and parts of the kitchen with a more modern effect and feel.

Combination of design elements from different eras in a bungalow’s bathroom assures that it won’t appear outdated soon in just some years down the lane. A mix of clawfoot tub with worn vintage rug and some trendy shiplap and brass hardware & type of neutralizing effect happens with time.

bungalow’s bathroom - clawfoot tub with worn vintage rug

Picture Courtesy: Bathroom.iyashinohitoduma.com

Quirky and original built cabinet matches with the modern style shelving design which is open. Choosing a dark paint in the design makes the shelves look modern style and seems floating wood pop which is also very easy to change further whenever you want to go in for a new look.

Some things are classic and never go out of style. Things like copper pots, if taken care of properly can be used forever. Same is the case with good quality cast iron or even with good looking cutting board. If you are searching to invest in cookware so that you can show it off for years, choose tried and tested classic designs. SMEG fridge whenever is in the kitchen instantly gets the idea why. In an example of a kitchen, fit the sleek looking SMEG oven and get the old world charm look.

SMEG kitchen style
Picture Courtesy: Newscastpr.com.au

Many designs from contemporary catalogue, select fresh and modern ones while the vintage furniture and the claw foot tub ground is history now.

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