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Electromagnetic Fields Associated with Neuron Disease

Pilots, welders and other workers who are continuously and regularly exposed to high levels of electromagnetic fields are at higher risk of developing deadly motor neuron disease.

BMJ Research marks the connection between such kind of exposure and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which is a progressive degeneration of the motor nerve cells present the brain and spinal cord.

3-neurotic disease

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As of now, there is no cure, and those affected by it usually die within a few years of diagnosis.

This kind of neurotic disease is quite rare and on an average, there are only 2 cases per 1 lakh people every year and among the persons aged between 55 -65.

The ones having jobs like this, exposing them to high levels of low electromagnetic fields runs two times the risk of getting ALS as compared to those who have never been exposed. The electromagnetic fields of low frequency are developed by electrical appliances and tools as well as the power grid.1-electromagnetic field

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Former studies tell us that ALS is linked with exposure to these fields in a close workplace but this connection is difficult to build. Other sources suspected of the nerve disease are metals, electrical shocks, solvents & pesticides. Records of over 1, 20,000 men and women have monitored for 17 years, their age starting from 55 to 69. 76 men and 60 women died from ALS and they were compared to a group of 4000 randomly selected people.

The history of work reveals the exposure to five suspect agents, one of them involves electromagnetic fields. From other suspected sources, there was no significant correlation.  As compared to other research made, this one has better information. If this finding is real, it is important as it will ascertain a new preventable cause of ALS.

2-Neurotic Disease

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Scientists still don’t know the biological mechanism behind this kind of exposure. This result should be dealt with caution as the number of patients is quite low. The conclusion to draw is still unclear. According to a professor at Cambridge University, the chances are most likely to explain the findings.

ALS came into the picture in the year 2014 with the Ice bucket challenge and caught the limelight as Lou Gehrig’s disease. People saw uploaded videos of themselves on the internet pouring cold water over their heads for the purpose of raising awareness. Stephen Hawking also suffers from the disease. Jobs with high exposure level consist of electric line installers, welders, cable joints and aircraft pilots.

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